CD – Beggars & Butterflies



This is the album that won String Loaded so many accolades in 2017 including Australian Celtic Artist of the Years, Australian Celtic Album of the Year, Australian Celtic Instrumental of the Year of the Morrisons Jig.

See song list below.



CD contents

1. Little Beggar Man  (Traditional)

2. Let Me Breathe  (String Loaded)

3. Morrison’s Jig  (Traditional)

4. Kitchen Girl  (Traditional)

5. The Butterfly  (Tommy Potts)

6. Keep It Real  (String Loaded)

7. Londonderry Air (Danny Boy)  (Traditional)

8. 30 Yars Jiggen (30 Year Jig)  (Roger Tollroth)

9. Bill Cheatham  (Traditional)

10. As I Roved Out  (Traditional)

11. Jenny’s Chickens / Star of Munster  (Traditional)

12. Wayfaring Stranger  (Traditional)

13. Big John McNeil  (Traditional)

14. Brigadoon  (String Loaded)

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